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Fall 2017: Applications are now open!

A new semester is starting next week, and this means that soon a new batch of ITU startups will be selected to join our incubator programme! While students had a few months to kick back and enjoy the summer break, we’ve been busy preparing for a new batch together with new partners and new lessons learned.


New technical & business advisors for Proof of Idea startups

We have been busy reaching out to the some of the best researchers and teachers at the university, who also have experience with developing new technologies. Now, we have a full deck of advisors who can help you figure out what value can your create with new technology and how can this help your startup become a scalable solution. Based on the needs of the student startup, we can also help setting up introductions and matchmaking with other relevant mentors and advisors, as needed.

See our current mentors and advisors here and let us know if you might need some help!


New incubator for Proof of Concept startups

This semester we are announcing the opening of our incubator offices, where the ITU startups that have been active in our previous batch, will advance to the next stage of Proof of Concept. Students who are offered a seat in the Proof of Concept stage, have been successful in creating a company with a solid vision, and a good handle over both the problem and the market.

ps: Make sure you join our Official Launch Event at ITU, on the 29th of Sept – where we will both announce the new Proof of Idea startups, and introduce our Proof of Concept companies.


Get salary while working on your own startup

Another exciting news is our partnership with SDTI, focused on extending the support we offer to Proof of Concept startups. SDTI is experienced in working with early stage companies, and will contribute their expertise to bridge the gap between the student teams and established industry partners.

Selected startups will be offered up to DKK in early funding which can also be used for salaries, to ensure the team can focus full-time on the startup and studies in ITU. We’re glad to receive validation from a large stakeholder in the danish investment community, and support regarding the contents and efforts in our programme. Currently some of our new Proof of Concept startups are in talks to benefit from this opportunity, which we hope will lead to our companies to bring new products and services to market.



Apply before 18th of September!

Apply for our Proof of Idea stage to get help and support in order to grow your startup idea! If you are unsure if an idea is feasible, or if you are looking for help to develop your idea into a valuable tech startup, we think there is no time like the present! We’ve planned a few events to support starting entrepreneurs, in partnership with ITU Innovators and some of our guests. If you’d like to be notified when a new event is taking place, make sure to follow our new facebook page (and why not, share amongst your classmates and friends).


If you have additional questions about the programme and the application phase, feel free to contact Vlad Gidea at


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