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Great legal resources to get your startup off the ground

In the Startup Programme we work with Integra Law to provide workshops on some of the issues that founders in a startup must address at some point; e.g. what company construction to choose, how to write a shareholder agreement and how to protect IPR (Intellectual property). Getting the legal foundations right from the beginning is in our experience very important and if done properly will give you time to focus on the most important issues in your startup such as building and improving your product and getting new customers. Below we have gathered resources that we recommend on some key subjects concerning legal matters in starting up a company.




Boost your idea

Boost your idea is a site developed by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office together with the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship. Simple videos will give you answers to the questions that typically come up during a startup phase such as:

  • Has your idea already been invented?
  • How many details of your idea can you talk about to a competitor?
  • How much of your idea can you present at a trade show?
  • How can you protect your idea?

More info:






Check your idea

At the Danish Patent and Trademark Office you can search their databases to see if your idea is free; a quick search using their tool will search inventions, names and logos used by other companies as well as design rights referencing the specific name.

The service allows you to:

More info:





If you are starting up a company you will at some point become familiar with VIRK.DK as this is the official site for Danish companies to communicate with Danish authorities. At the site there is a lot of free resources available for startups such a legal documents and templates. You can even submit questions regarding your startup and get an answer within 24 hours.





Grasping the details

“Iværksætterens juridiske udfordringer” published in 2015 is an in-depth resource on legal issues and challenges relevant to entrepreneurs operating in a Danish environment. The book is an excellent resource for those who want to get into more detail. The book is written by a group of experts associated with the University of Copenhagen, who are selected for their expertise in a range of legal areas of particular importance for entrepreneurs. It provides law for entrepreneurs. It is written for the entrepreneur’s legal advisers, but the entrepreneur can also read with.

Buy the book here:

Or on Saxo:

We hope you find these resources useful, if you are aware of more resources for entrepreneurship in Denmark share with us and with the community!

Bonus PS: Check out Inno-Overblik – a great overview of the whole danish startup ecosystem

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