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Early stage funding opportunities

One of the questions we get most of the time from student entrepreneurs is regarding funding opportunities. It would seem that the only thing stopping a lot of students is the fact that they don’t have money to go and grow their idea into a valuable startup. We know that this is not the case, and we know that the most important aspect of getting your startup up and running is actually knowing exactly what to do (aka Customer Development & Business Model). But just in case you already know EXACTLY what you are doing, and you are able to write a business description to a group of investors who will actually support you in the early days, we’ve grouped some of these early stage opportunities, and we will try to maintain the list as much as possible.
To make things easier, we’re also going to discuss ALL of these opportunities at our workshops and events, those offered in the Startup Programme, and try to help students compose their applications (again, as much as we can).

Make sure you attend these workshops and that you signup for the Startup Programme to get help from ITU Business Development with your application.

Microgrant – Foundation for Entrepreneurship

The earliest funding grant for your idea comes from the Foundation for Entrepreneurship, a grant that supports students or Phd’s to get some initial funding to pay for costs like prototype development, market research, pilot testing or even consulting & advice. Students who already have a CVR number can apply to get up to 50 000kr in funding, and 25 000kr in funding without a CVR. The applications are accepted multiple times per year, and you can read more about the rules.

Find our more and apply: Mikrolegat fra Fonden for Entreprenørskab

National Startup Competition – Venture Cup

A great opportunity for students to get some early support is by participating in startup competitions and our favourite by far is the National Startup Competition organised by Venture Cup. Students from all the danish universities are competing to be in the student entrepreneurship spotlight and this is an amazing opportunity to get some visibility, but also some soft early funding. Connect with other brilliant students and impress some early investors that are always part of the crowd. Every startup will receive feedback, which is something that we often take for granted.

Read more about the Venture Cup Startup Challenge

Innfounder – Innovation Fund Denmark

If you’re about to finish your studies and you still wish to continue working on your startup this might just be the perfect fit for your early stage startup. Innofounder is a programme that lasts 12 months with the aim to accelerate the development of your innovative business idea from early stages to the stage where you are ready to go to market or gain investment. The programme is open to any field of expertise as long as the idea is innovative and has potential to become a sustainable business.

Read more about this opportunity here

HeyFunding – A single overview, continuosly updated!

There are many lists for entrepreneurs out there, but the problem is that often they are hard to maintain! Incubators, competitions and any other organisation will also experience growth and hype, but also decline and closure.

For the past years, HeyFunding has been keeping an eye on the innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem, and has mapped various actors which can support student entrepreneurs and more experienced startups as well.

Actually, they’ve also made available this great overview which you can print out or simply share with a like-minded entrepreneur. No matter what your needs are, most likely a partner on the overview can help you with it!