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Welcome to the Startup Programme

After months of working on a REAL incubation opportunity for ITU students we are proud to open up the application process for the Startup Programme!

Business development programme for students at the IT University of Copenhagen

Students from the IT University in Copenhagen starts 3 times as many companies relative to number of students compared to any other university in Denmark. We have concluded however, that there is still untapped value to be realized and possibilities to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the university in a more structured way than before. ITU Business Development A/S has therefor launched a new programme called the Startup Programme. The goal encourage student entrepreneurship whilst giving them valuable entrepreneurial skills and learnings, and generate sustainable and attractive businesses.

Some facts about our new incubator

  • The programme was launched in September 2016 with support from ITU Innovators, a student driven organization that promotes entrepreneurship.
  • The programme was designed based on experiences obtained through ITU Business Developments Mentor Program, a survey among students and ITU Innovators year long experience in working with the grass root entrepreneurial community.
  • External partners include Integra Law and Billy‚Äôs, who contributes with legal- and financial management expertise.
  • We encourage participants in the Startup Programme to participate in the many workshops arranged by ITU Innovators and Venture Cup to strenghthen their entrepreneurial skills and their network in parallel to participation in the Programme.


The Communication Department of ITU wrote a good overall piece on our efforts, you can read more about it here!

Later edit: was kind enough to amplify our good news, so you can also read an interview here!

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