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The startup incubator
for ITU students

We provide the right resources, mentorship & support for students
to create new technology startups at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Do you have a business idea?

Briefly describe and apply with your idea and we will get in touch to discuss how can we help!

Our process

The entire programme is split into 3 stages, based on the current development phase of the startup company. We coach our startups to advance from an idea to a working solution with a feasible business plan. This razor-sharp focus allows us to provide a launchpad into the startup ecosystem for student entrepreneurs.

Proof of Idea

Goal: Reach Product/Solution fit

Research your problem area and your value proposition. Validate your business assumptions and start developing a prototype as a potential solution to a problem worth solving.

Proof of Concept

Goal: Develop a working MVP

Build a minimum viable product of your idea and start acquiring early customers. Improve the solution based on customer insights and prepare the product for a beta launch.

Proof of Business

Prepare for the next investment rounds

Improve your pitch deck with lessons learned, and seek further funding from our investor network. We will continue to offer advice and represent your best interests.

Do you have a business idea?

Briefly describe and apply with your idea and we will get in touch to discuss how can we help!

We're here to guide you

Dedicated one-on-one help
for your startup

We ensure that participants get the proper skills, tools, advice and network to reach their objectives and we prepare the teams for further investments. We see this as the perfect launchpad into the startup ecosystem for student entrepreneurs.

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Batches of startups

each semester we take in a new batch

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Student Startups

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Student Entrepreneurs

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You're in good hands

Mentors & Advisors

To ensure the right guidance is offered to our startups,
we provide mentorship from experts in various fields,
including researchers and professors from the IT University,
but also external advisors who have joined our initiative.

Frequently asked questions

Most likely you have more questions.
If we’ve missed something, reach out and setup a meeting with us.

How long does it take to finish the programme?

Both the Proof of Idea and Proof of Concept stages last for approx. 6 months each, starting with the signing of our programme agreement. If a startup team decides that it should pivot and change the scope of its idea, we can extend the programme with an additional 3 months to explore the new model.

Proof of Business is an ongoing effort which lasts for as long as ITU Business Development is an active investor and shareholder in the company.

Do we have to be ITU students to apply to the programme?

The incubator space is supported by the university, and we require that at least 50% of the founding team members are either ITU students or recent alumni.

We suggest to external founders to join the student entrepreneurship community, and find cofounders from ITU to be eligible to join the programme. Get in touch, and we can introduce you to some of the local organisations that support entrepreneurship at ITU.

I am done with my education at ITU, can I still apply?

Yes! We often work with students who have finished their master’s programme and wish to incorporate a project or their thesis. As long as you are an ITU alumni and you are applying within the first year since your graduation we can provide all the support you need.

We can discuss, on an individual basis, other funding sources (private and public) to ensure a small income during the incubation period.

Do you take any equity for the services offered?

When we select startups for investment in the Proof of Concept stage, we take 10% equity. However, we do not take any equity in the companies that we decide not to invest in (Proof of Idea). The reason we only request equity at the Proof of Concept stage is that we invest more considerable resources at that stage, as more resources are needed to accelerate the development of the company.

When enrolling in the programme, all the startups agree to offer ITU Business Development a Call Option for 10% of the company shares. This means that ITU Business Development will be able, but not obligated, to invest and purchase 10% of shares through their investment.

What is the valuation of a startup in Proof of Concept?

When entering the Proof of Concept stage, the company is only beginning to develop their product or business. Before there is any product launched in the market, it is very difficult to assess the valuation of a company correctly. Our granted investment for 10% of the shares will set an initial valuation for other angel investors to join. At the end of the programme we aim to reach a minimum valuation of 2.5 m. DKK and raise a new round on more favourable terms for the founders.

We are focused on early-stage startups, which often don’t have a Product/Solution fit, and our role is to support them until they can attract next rounds of funding. If you think you are ready for more serious investment rounds, we can offer advice and contacts.

Do you only invest in startups that have participated in Proof of Idea?

Yes, in order to ensure that the startup has addressed all assumptions of their business we prefer to invest in companies that we know closely, where we are able to see the team effort and the progress they are making. We invest in people first!

In special cases (e.g. thesis or research project) we can provide an accelerated Proof of Idea track, between one and two months, to prepare the necessary documentation and pitch deck for the Proof of Concept stage.


We work with some great companies, to provide the best services and knowledge

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Let’s work together

If you have any additional questions about the programme, or if you would like to discuss potential partnerships with us or our startups, drop us a line. Our offices are on the 5th floor at ITU – in 5E05 and our staff have all signed a confidentiality agreement, so any private information your share with us, will remain confidential.