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Limelight Music

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Limelight Music

Thousands of aspiring musicians upload music to the internet every day. Unfortunately, the musicians drown in the massive amounts of music. Lack of exposure to the RIGHT listeners is the #1 problem for aspiring artists today.

Additionally, the listeners simply do not have a chance to discover new music effortlessly. The established platforms are simply not put together to connect the listener with the up-and-coming musician in a direct and beneficial way for both user groups. Limelight Music is a music streaming app that will make it easier to discover new music or be discovered as an artist. The Limelight algorithm automatically pairs up-and-coming music with listeners based on genre. This ensures that an artist always will target the right audience. By using Limelight the listener can relax and let the music find him/her without the hassle of sorting through new music.

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