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MarTech SaaS


HeyLouise is a software solution providing marketing teams with a digital asset management platform. The goal is to enable marketing teams to plan, create and evaluate campaigns and associated tools, while having a central point of access for all of the graphic assets utilized in campaigns (A versioning system similar to using Git repositories).

Key features include the ability to share, comment and collect input from colleagues or collaborators in a live updated version control system. The user will be able to define the connection between different assets, such as images, videos, sound library, and copy while working with these elements using tags, comments, and version history. With integrations to existing, commonly used communication and collaboration tools (Dropbox, WeTransfer, email etc.), the HeyLouise platform will provide marketers with an agile flow to create materials and release these on marketing channels.

The main value proposition of such a tool is to aid knowledge sharing with regards to the campaign performance and return on investment (ROI), the platform will simplify the creation of sharable reports about the campaign and its performance.

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