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Clockwork Trader


Clockwork Trader

Cryptocurrency trading is a very young market with the potential of disrupting the traditional established systems that we once thought were set in stone. At Clockwork, we want to improve the financial sector offering, by providing a platform that will enable our users to trade the global markets with cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, etc).

With that goal in mind, we’re building a cutting-edge cloud platform that will allow anyone with Cryptocurrencies to trade Gold, Stocks or Futures contracts from the comfort of their home, and increase their returns from investing their existing cryptocurrency in the global established markets.

First of all we are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and early-adopters ourselves, looking into improving the existing systems. We’re a young and ambitious team, with experience in the established banking sector, currently exploring various opportunities in the fintech space. If you’re at all interested in working with us or learning more about derivatives trading, feel free to hit us up.