Mentors & Advisors

To ensure the right guidance is offered to our startups, we have secured the mentorship of top experts in various fields, including researchers and professors from the IT University, but also external advisors who have joined our initiative.

Roman Beck
Expert in the role of IT service sourcing, services management, and services engineering. Also an authority on blockchain technology and Fintech.

Rune Møller Jensen
Expert in developing and implementing industrial decision support systems that involve hard combinatorial optimization problems

Martin Pichlmair
Expert in game design, interaction design, indie game development, entrepreneurship, game technologies, VR and simulation

Kasper Støy
Expert in robotics and interested in developing technology that is robust, energy efficient, self-contained, self-reproducible, adaptable, and useful.

Björn Þór
Expert in content based media retrieval, design, implementation & performance of database systems plus architecture & performance of SSDs.

Jørgen Staunstrup
Expert in Mobile computing (app development), embedded/pervasive computing, business models and geolocation

Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Expert in Locative media, media design, designing for museums and journalism.

When you participate in the Startup Programme you will work with mentors from both ITU and industry. Together with your business developer from ITUBD, you will plan relevant sessions with mentors as part of the programme. For example, if you work with games, it could be a dedicated session with a games researcher to analyse how to integrate the newest research in VR into your particular game design or a session with an external mentor to optimize your monetarization strategy and to learn what game investors look for. Most mentors in ITU Business Development’s Startup Programme have strong relations to the IT University and have been or are also entrepreneurs themselves.

Our Team

Besides specialised mentors and advisors, the programme is managed by a dedicated team, ready to help students get started in their entrepreneurial journey! We work to ensure the programme runs on course and we gradually apply new learnings to improve the programme and the overall experience.

Vlad Gidea
Program Coordinator

Kristoffer Heeris
Business Developer

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