A startup incubator for ITU students

The programme is a 3 stage incubation process where we aim to grow companies from "Proof of Idea" to "Proof of Business". We ensure that participants get the proper skills, tools, advice and network to reach their objectives and we prepare the teams for further investments. We see this as the perfect launchpad into the startup ecosystem for student entrepreneurs.

Proof of Idea

Work on your idea and turn it into a valuable startup. Figure out a problem worth solving and build a working prototype.

Proof of Concept

Grow your startup and your userbase together with your customers while improving your product and your partnerships

Proof of Business

Scale-up your business with more resources and grow into a valuable business that can attract the right seed investments


Updates from our programme & other useful resources for starting entrepreneurs
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Spring 2017: Applications are now open!

We hope you had some time to charge your batteries and come up with some good business ideas, because we’re back in business and we’ve just opened the registrations for the Startup Programme Spring’17 batch! Last year we learned a lot about what student startups need most and we talked to many teams in need […]

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How do we evaluate whether a project can proceed to the Proof of Concept stage?

To qualify to the Proof of Concept stage in the Startup Programme, your business case will be evaluated on 8 different criteria; Potential, Customers and Market, Value proposition, Scalability, Team, Technology, Engagement and Progress. A panel will be put together to discuss the overall assessment of the business case. Furthermore, to proceed from the Proof […]

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ITU Innovators and ITU Business Development joined forces to launch a permanent incubation opportunity for ITU students. Bringing the community together with more resources and effective execution enabled us to support students in a whole new manner.
  • 2015

    Student Entrepreneurship in ITU

    ITU Innovators has succeeded in bringing entrepreneurship into focus in the study environment of ITU like never before! The community has grown, becoming more active, which meant there was a need for an incubator for ITU students to get the help they need!

  • 2016

    Launching the Startup Programme

    The natural next step was to start a student incubator and continue our growth together with our partners. By focusing on supporting students with workshops and resources we are now maturing business ideas into valuable companies, and helping the future entrepreneurs thrive!